Stock Markets Fall On Fear the END IS NEAR! U.S. and China Trade Tensions Escalate!

Do you think the Plunge Protection Team will come out in full force next week to push the market up higher?

So we see yet another example of a small gust of wind making huge waves. Even the sensation that interest rates are going to continue higher is hurting the markets. Market Breadth is looking horrible. Stocks are relying on record stimulus, record buybacks, and record quantitative easing. Can this really go on forever?


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2018-10-05_10-14-15.jpg (890×431)

2018-10-05_9-11-07.jpg (890×440)

^VIX 14.82 0.60 4.22% : Vix – Yahoo Finance

us trade balance 2.jpg (890×425)

US China trade balance_0.jpg (890×419)

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asian stocks rout.jpg (890×501)

JPMorgan Chase Laying Off About 400 Mortgage Employees – WSJ

Era of bank secrecy ends as Swiss start sharing account data

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