Robert Mueller Stood In Front Of A Judge And No One Could Believe What Happened Next

by Thinker

Well, POTUS continues to wait on Mueller and the longer he takes the more corruption in investigations concerning Obama/Clinton administration rise to the surface. How far will a friend go to protect a friend, even if they’re guilty??? Friendships over oaths to the people???

Robert Mueller Was Betrayed By The Last Person He Ever Expected

Who pleaded to lying and exposed Mueller???

Trey Gowdy Finished Robert Mueller For Good With One Devastating Attack

Leaders at the top of U.S. Security failure to keep their oaths to the president, fellow employee’s, and the American people. Greed has changed the face of the American government, and the “Drain the Swamp” investigations are showing the people how bad it really was.

Lies have destroyed a nation…can it be fixed???