Robert Mueller withheld exculpatory evidence

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Bob Mueller should be subpoenaed by Sen. Lindsey Graham to testify before the Senate, since Rep. Jerry Nadler won’t have him testify before the House. What did Mueller know and when did he know it? And why did he (on SEVERAL occasions) withhold exculpatory evidence? Lock him up!’

The Deep State refers to the federal bureaucracy that supersedes any one sitting president (Republican or Democrat), as they are career government employees, often working their way up the ranks over the course of 30 years to 50 years. They have their own “click” and have known and worked with their co-workers for decades. Once known as the “good ole boys club” or the “old boys network” (just as in a corporate structure), it’s an informal system of friendships and connections among people that sometimes operate independently outside the established rules and laws.


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