Rockland County Only 5 Active Measles Cases MSM Fake News Spinning it as Hundreds

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by lightningstormm

This is big pharma testing to see how far they can take their power. They’ve already pushed the boundaries in California and now they doing a full court press nationally.

“According to the latest figures, there have been 155 confirmed cases of measles in Rockland County”

“There are currently 156 confirmed reported cases of measles in the county, according to health officials. ”

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“Rockland County, with a population of more than 300,000, has had 153 confirmed cases of measles since October. Of those, 48 have occurred in 2019.”

“153 cases have been confirmed in the county.”

“there have been more than 150 confirmed cases”

“Of the 153 confirmed cases as of Tuesday, 82 percent had not gotten the measles mumps rubella vaccine”
“has infected more than 150 people since last fall”

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” As of last week, there were 151 confirmed cases of measles in the county, according to Rockland’s website. ”

“The New York County has identified 155 measles cases since October”

“As of Tuesday, 153 cases have been confirmed in Rockland County. More than 82 percent of these cases had not received a single dose of the MMR vaccine”



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