Rod Rosenstein Stunned Right After He Was Caught Lying By Congress – Priceless!

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by Thinker

Every American who has gone to war or lost a loved one is who the “deep state” wants to keep information from. Who have the men/women of the U.S. been fighting and dying for if it wasn’t what they were told? Libya??? The Christopher Stevens story opens the doors that should have President Trump bringing back to duty every commanding officer that was purged from duty under the former president without papers. Something is not right and the lies are turning into treason. History shows, that accountability is just another job as Eric Holder of the “Fast & Furious” can tell you. Transporting illegal guns across the border is okay if you have connections??? Trey Gowdy exposed the corruption and the prosecuting committee looked the other way.

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Documents tell the truth and what is the “deep state” planning to do? Not another 9/11? Everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to win and no one prepared for the possibility of Trump seeing what was never meant for his eyes. The members of secret societies laughed and ridiculed him and now the American people are embracing Donald Trump for keeping his promises.

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“THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT!!!” Sara Carter DIDN’T Give Rod Rosenstein And FBI Gangs Any Air To BREATHE! The System is Broken – Department of Justice Showing Support for Obama/Clinton administration and not serving sitting President? America Divided by Corruption at the Highest Levels…Scramble!


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