Rod Rosenstein’s Memo: Unredacted!

Rosenstein is crucially involved in so many linchpin events/elements of this cabal conspiracy of coup de’tate against the lawfully elected president of the United States, that he very much looks like the master mind architect of the entire coup (within the Deep State of DOJ/FBI).

And it’s kind of clear now that Comey is not at all very smart, no backbone, not much of a leader figure.

Rosenstein appears to be the spider sitting off in the shadows orchestrating the coup – because its all looking like his plan.

Let’s give Sessions one more grace period – perhaps this was the assessment from the beginning (Rosenstein at the helm) and Sessions has run an entrapment operation, essentially. Give the coup plenty of rope to carry on so more evidence could be developed against them and investigations conducted to where their findings could be acted on.

The argument has been put forth that Sessions could not proceed to really visibly take on and try to indict and prosecute any significant Swamp misdeeds until the FBI and DOJ are sufficiently cleaned out of the cabal bad actors. Otherwise they would be there to complete sabotage everything. There have been firings, resignations, neutralizations, and word is that some of those nailed have been cooperating on testimony, etc.


h/t Chris


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