ROFL the latest #FakeNews story trying to keep the #Russiagate Hoax alive. McClatchy makes ridiculously false allegations of Michael Cohen visiting Prague

by Ian Shilling

The McClatchy Fake News article is below.
I am surprised that McClatchy have sunk so low – they used to be a fairly reasonable outlet (for the mainstream) – this article is totally ridiculous and on a par with the laughable accusations of three Manafort/Assange visits junk article recently published by the Fake News Guardian Neoocn propaganda rag.

Michael Cohen’s cell phone signal supposedly “detected” in Prague “in late summer” according to unnamed “anonymous intelligence sources”


So Michael Cohen didn’t want to use this “evidence” of “Russian Collusion” to get a lighter sentence?

Cohen’s cell phone was “detected” by unnamed “intelligence sources”. Yeah right – just like the last 101 bogus Fake News stories on the Russiagate Hoax spewed by the bogus and lying fake media, relying on unconfirmed and unsubstantiated “statements” from “anonymous sources”.

McClatchy are also non specific about the date that Cohen’s cell phone was supposedly “detected” in Prague and just repeated the vague date nonsense in the Steele dossier.

If Cohen had ever gone to Prague in late August / early September as falsely claimed, why haven’t these “anonymous intelligence sources” got the exact dates and flights for Cohen’s arrival and departure. There are credit card records and passenger lists on flights which is exactly where “intelligence sources” would go to to check the validity of something like this. Also hotel records – where was Cohen supposed to have stayed in Prague? How about credit bills for restaurant meals and such like?

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In fact the FBI and CIA would have checked these records as soon as Steele’s chapter in his fake dossier claimed it in 2016, when the records would have been fresh. (Both the FBI and CIA were receiving the latest Steele fabrications as soon as they were delivered to the Clinton campaign every month.)

The FACT that this supposed visit by Michael Cohen to Prague never appeared in Brennan and Clapper’s laughably evidence free January 2017 “Intelligence Report” PROVES this latest story is 100% totally fake.

Mueller’s indictment of Cohen didn’t include any accusations of Cohen committing perjury in his testimony to Congress.

Cohen specifically stated that he had “no knowledge whatsoever of any Trump/Russia collusion” and that “he had never visited Prague”.


If Cohen had actually visited Prague as part of a conspiracy to collude with Russia, why didn’t Cohen use this as leverage to get a jail free plea deal?

After all, this would have been the smoking gun for the Russiagate Hoaxers and worth much more than just letting Cohen walk free.

Anybody who believes anything in this article is completely delusional and brainwashed, is completely unable to think, has lost all sense of reality and doesn’t apply any basic reasoning or logic – let alone any Critical Thinking.

Which is typical for the vocal brainwashed partisan hacks that are jumping on this Fake News story right now.

Aaron Mate has already debunked this latest pile of junk and total nonsense in the McClatchy article – you should read his twitter timeline

N.B. Michael Cohen has again categorically denied TODAY, that he ever visied Prague.
Pretty sure that lying about the Russiagate, Trump/Collusion case would be a breach of his plea deal and subject to a longer sentence. So Cohen must be VERY sure of his ground.

The story so far on the Russiagate Hoax


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