Roger Daltrey EXPOSES Socialized Healthcare & Calls Corbyn A Communist

Josh Sigurdson reports on a recent story out of Britain as Roger Daltrey of The Who calls out the “National Health Service” and says healthcare shouldn’t be free.
Daltrey has been vocally against the European Union and has called Jeremy Corbyn a closet communist. Now Daltrey is taking on the healthcare system, saying that it causes young people to not take care of their health as they’re dependent on treatment at the expense of tax payers.
While Daltrey is not incorrect, we expand on the issue. From a moral perspective, it’s wrong to steal people’s money to give to big special interest groups.
From a logical perspective it simply doesn’t make sense. People’s money is stolen, handed to big pharma corporations that are then monopolized. They have no incentive to provide the best service or product for the best price as there is no competition. The government eradicates any potential competition and creates massive monopolies. The prices of medication go up simply leading to more money being extorted from the populace. Problem, reaction, solution, repeat.
In a free market, first of all, without taxation people would have a lot more money in their pockets and without fiat inflation of the price of living people’s money would have far more buying power.
Then, in a free market, there would be countless companies competing with the best product for the best price, constantly leading to lower prices. Incredible cures to diseases would be a regular thing as markets are innovated. The market would be based on the demand of the individual via their money.
Charities would take care of those who cannot afford the now incredibly cheap medication.
This isn’t rocket science.

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We’re happy to see someone of Roger Daltrey’s stature calling out the absurdity of the so-called “free” healthcare system. Nothing is free. Individuals must rule themselves. Be independent, self sustainable, healthy, responsible. The hallmark of freedom itself is responsibility after all.


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