ROGER SIMON: Is the FBI Already Engaged in a Cover-Up in the Nashville Bombing?

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Last year it was 4G and LTE. Next year it will be 6G and who knows what.

Paranoia, despite all the jokes about it (i. e. “A paranoid is someone who knows all the facts”), is commonly defined as “an instinct or thought process which is believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality.”

There is nothing delusional or irrational at all in thinking 5G, 4G or any G before or since, including the earliest iterations of cellular, is being used to spy on Americans.

It’s a fact. It is and has been.

Indeed, it has been known since the publication of James Bamford’s “The Puzzle Palace” the National Security Agency (NSA) and others have had the capability of spying on virtually every citizen of this country—and that was close to forty years ago (1983)!

And it’s only gotten worse since.

I’m sorry to say it, but anyone who thinks he or she has any privacy is a fool. Even the current president was spied upon.

Edward Snowden, as I indicated in my previous column, made it clear just how deeply implicated AT&T is in this activity. In fact that company may well be the government’s principle private industry ally in clandestine work, helping to connect it with other cellular companies.

If I know that, why wouldn’t Anthony Warner, an IT professional, know that?

So where do the FBI’s imputations of paranoia come from? Sounds to me as if Warner “knew all the facts.”

NOTE: I do not for a second approve of what Warner did (if he is indeed guilty). Though he clearly, via his broadcast warning, did not want to hurt people, he well could have anyway. This was a crazed and violent act, even if the motive was rational.

But back to the FBI and their “paranoia” allegation. I believe they are once again covering up here, creating a distraction from the actual motive because the one thing they do not want investigated—well, one among many—is the alliance between private industry and our intelligence agencies coupled with the realization we all live now in an Orwellian surveillance culture, not dissimilar to China.

That is most probably what Warner wanted to protest. I wish he had chosen another way. We all should.

Other news on the Nashville bombing: Deadline Hollywood reports: Los Angeles Entertainment Executive Tied To Suspected Nashville Bomber.

Was there a second vehicle involved, or is this a copycat? Truck playing audio ‘similar’ to Nashville bomb RV probed outside city.

And finally, as if we needed reminding, not only is 2020 stranger than we imagined, it is stranger than we can imagine:


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