ROGER STONE, John Brennan Criminal Mastermind Behind Deep – ALEX JONES INFOWARS

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by Thinker

It’s like Hunger Games on Elite Pedophiles, Liars, and Conspirators Against the People. What have they done? Look at their words, past history, and profits – Who lies to protect the pack?

How many U.S. government officals have sworn loyalty to the pack and not the people?

Rep. Gowdy questions Brennan on U.S. Surveillance Programs – For or Against the People?

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Rep. Gowdy questions former CIA Director John Brennan during the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s open hearing.

Trey Gowdy Unleashes His Anger On New FBI Director – Finally Seeing How Corrupt & Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes in Lawless Washington D.C.! When will the liars and terrorist be removed from positions that have been used to destroy a nation and the people who serve and protect it? Acts of “TREASON” on the citizens of the United States are now being shown to the people by one politician who is now being forced out for exposing the agents of Satan.

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