Rome airport introduces “smart helmet” to detect corona virus

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Engineers at a Rome airport tested a new “smart helmet,” Tuesday, May 13, which scans passengers’ temperatures as they are moving, in an attempt to fight the coronavirus amid an easing of travel restrictions.
READ MORE: Italy’s virus reopening was supposed to be accompanied by a series of measures to limit infections in the one-time epicenter of Europe’s pandemic: the distribution of millions of inexpensive surgical masks to pharmacies nationwide, a pilot project of 150,000 antibody tests and, eventually, the rollout of a contact-tracing app.

None of these is in place as Italy experiments with its second week of loosened restrictions, while looking ahead to Monday’s reopening of shops and, in some regions, bars and restaurants.

Italy’s commissioner for the emergency, Domenico Arcuri, went on the defensive Tuesday to respond to mounting criticism of his Phase II rollout.

He insisted, “Italians know well what to do” to protect themselves, even if they don’t have the tests, masks, contact-tracing or other measures that public health authorities deemed necessary for Italy to reopen in safety.


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