Ron Paul: Economic progress under Trump is illusion, crash coming

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He is correct about the crash. This isn’t some minor crash like 2008 he is talking about, he is talking about the United States defaulting on debts, credit downgrade, and other nations calling in their chips. We will be removed as the reserve currency because we can’t service our debts, politicians will start selling off land to foreign nations(they’re already doing this), and we will generally make Venezuela look like a paradise.
The near future of the United States is failure. We can expect ever higher taxes, ever lower living standards, and ever higher prices. We can either hit a hard crash, or decline gracefully, and we know that the politicians will spend spend spend, so hard crash it is. Here is where Trump has done something that is not good for us. You can’t spend your way out of debt, not that we can ever be debt free anyway since we don’t print our own money, we borrow it from private banks with interest owed making the amount we owe instantly more than we borrowed. Our monetary system demands never ending growth or it fails. It doesn’t take a genius to know that never ending growth cannot happen. There will be too many people at some point and not enough resources on the entire planet. That time is approaching. I suspect if you live another 30 years, you will wish you were dead rather than have to put up with daily living conditions.

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