Ron Paul Institute Questions Why Is It A “Conspiracy Theory” To Think That Seth Rich Gave Wikileaks The DNC Emails, But Not The Same To Think The Emails Were Provided By Russia? Plus, Seth Rich Speaks On Video.

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by Pamela Williams
Ron Paul has an article on his site written by Mike Whitney entitled SETH RICH, CRAIG MURRAY AND THE SINISTER STEWARDS OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.  It is an excellent read, being very informative into every aspect of the Seth Rich murder investigation coupled with facts surrounding the case.  It is the best I have read thus far.
In addition I found a video in which Seth Rich is speaking!  In this video he is actually asking questions about Election Commission voting.  Here it is:

Published on Jun 7, 2017
video of Seth Rich asking questions about voter fraud #Wikileaks #SethRich
It is quite a find, and I do not know if his own parents have seen it.  While I am speaking of his parents, I want to say I have great empathy for them.  I, too, have lost a son.  Everyone cannot say that, so if they are reading this report I hope they will realize I understand their pain…it is like no other.  However, if my son had been murdered I would not stop until I knew the truth behind his murder – no matter where it might lead me.  I pray when the truth is discovered they can accept it , and praise their son for his courage and integrity.
I feel these questions must be answered by them?

  1. When did the hospital who treated him call them? Since the Washington DC police will not reveal which hospital it was, there is no information on that.  However, I used to work in an emergency room, and I can say when an admitting hospital has records from the patient, which Seth’s wallet was still on his body, they immediately call the next of kin.  So I think this is an important question.
  2. Why are they allowing a representative of the DNC to represent them?  Why does he edit everything they say?  The DNC should be investigating the case…not bossing the parents around.  Also, why has the DNC not offered a reward for the killer?
  3. Is it true, that the investigation into Seth’s murder has been halted by the DC police?  If not, are they allowed to meet regularly with the police for any progress made in the investigation?
  4. Do they know that there were cams on the police officers who found Seth?  Did they get the chance to see the cam footage?  If not, why?
  5. The first responders said that Seth was alive and very talkative?  Do they know what his last words were?  If not, why not?
  6. Do they know the first responders said Seth did not even know he had been shot?  This happens sometimes with nerve damage, as the patient can no longer feel the pain.  Most likely since he had been shot twice in the back, the hit damaged the nerves in his spine; therefore he could feel no pain.  Of course, this is a blessing which the parents should be aware of.
  7. Have they seen the autopsy report?  It has not been allowed for viewing by the public.  Did they order this?

I ask these questions with respect, and I know they want to find the killer or killers of their son.  Since this is true, they must ask themselves the above questions?  God bless them and give them the peace that surpasses all understanding.
In the following video Ron Paul blasts the media for the cover-up of the Seth Rich murder.

A statement from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity sharply criticizes the media’s non-coverage of the Seth Rich murder investigation, further exposing the hypocrisy of the mainstream media.
Last week, John Podesta attacked those who questioned the murder of Seth Rich, saying that calls for an investigation into the DNC’s alleged role were ‘disgusting’. It is also known that John Podesta threatened to make an example out of Wikileaks leakers in his party, right before the murder of suspected DNC leaker Seth Rich.
The political establishment and mainstream media have denied involvement from the Democrat party, but many questions remain given Podesta and Clinton’s possible motive, and the suspicious details of the murder.
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Now on with the article from the Ron Paul Institute:
These questions are asked, and I will attempt to give answers from my research into the case:

  1. Why is it a “conspiracy theory” to think that a disgruntled Democratic National Committee staffer gave WikiLeaks the DNC emails, but not a conspiracy theory to think the emails were provided by Russia?
  2. Which is the more likely scenario: That a frustrated employee leaked damaging emails to embarrass his bosses or a that foreign government hacked DNC computers for some still-unknown reason?

I believe since the DNC barely mentioned the murder of one of their employees from the very beginning, but actually assigned a DNC representative to represent the family, telling them what they can say and what they cannot, clearly shows an imbalance of actions that do not make sense.  In addition, why did the DNC not offer a reward for any information into the murder of young Seth?
The DNC clearly has a motive in the concoction of the “Russian interference story.”

  1. They are involved in the cover-up of Seth’s murder.
  2. They have concocted the “Russia” story to cover-up the war within the DNC between the Clinton and Sanders campaigns.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lost her job due to her involvement.  Seth Rich was a Bernie supporter, and he grew very concerned with that war which insured Sanders had no chance of becoming the Democratic candidate for President.  
  3. The Clinton campaign was running a close race with the Trump campaign, and the Russian story was created when the Obama Administration, along with the Intelligence community, spied on the Trump Team before and after the Presidential win.  They hoped to find evidence of Trump and Russian collusion, but they did not.  As the story went on James Comey and the FBI became involved in the “fake dossier” prepared by a British company, which Hillary Clinton had hired to help against the war on Trump.  Comey even became involved in paying for the dossier, and later the wiretapping of Trump, leading to the leaking of many private communications within the White House.  THIS WAS THE REAL CONSPIRACY.

Now onto the involvement of Seth Rich in all of this:
Former-DNC employee, Seth Rich, not only had access to the DNC emails, but also a motive. He was pissed about the way the Clinton crowd was working behind the back of Bernie Sanders. In contrast, there’s neither evidence nor motive connecting Russia to the emails. On top of that, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange has denied that Russia gave him the emails, which suggests the government investigation is completely misdirected. The logical course of action, would be to pursue the leads that are most likely to bear fruit, not those that originate from one’s own political bias. But, of course, logic has nothing to do with the current investigation, it’s all about politics and geopolitics.  It is all about the Clinton mafia protecting one another from their many crimes.
This cover-up involves the following voices:

  1. The DNC,
  2. James Comey, who dragged the FBI through this dirt,
  3. Mainstream media,
  4. Washington Police Department,
  5. NSA,
  6. And the CIA, and, of course, many we have yet discovered.

The following is one of the most important aspects in this whole cover-up:
Does the ICA prove that anyone on the Trump campaign colluded with Russia or that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections?
No, it doesn’t.  What it shows is that –even while Clapper and Brennan may have been trying to produce an assessment that would ‘kill two birds with one stone’, (incriminate Russia and smear Trump at the same time) the ICA achieved neither. So far, there’s no proof of anything.   Now take a look at this list  found in an article at The American Thinker:
“12 prominent public statements by those on both sides of the aisle who reviewed the evidence or been briefed on it confirmed there was no evidence of Russia trying to help Trump in the election or colluding with him:
The New York Times (Nov 1, 2016);
House Speaker Paul Ryan (Feb, 26, 2017);
Former DNI James Clapper , March 5, 2017);
Devin Nunes Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, March 20, 2017);
James Comey, March 20, 2017;
Rep. Chris Stewart, House Intelligence Committee, March 20, 2017;
Rep. Adam Schiff, House Intelligence committee, April 2, 2017);
Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee, May 3, 2017);
Sen. Joe Manchin  Senate Intelligence Committee, May 8, 2017;
James Clapper (again) (May 8, 2017);
Rep. Maxine Waters, May 9, 2017);
President Donald Trump,(May 9, 2017).
Senator Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, indicated that his briefing confirmed Dianne Feinstein’s view that the President was not under investigation for colluding with the Russians.”
(“Russian Hacking and Collusion: Put the Cards on the Table”, American Thinker)
Keep in mind, this is a list of the people who actually “reviewed the evidence”, and even they are not convinced. It just goes to show that the media blitz is not based on any compelling proof, but on the determination of  behind-the-scenes elites who want to destroy their political rivals. Isn’t that what’s really going on?
Next, we need to set the record straight on Comey so readers don’t get the impression that he’s the devoted civil servant and all-around stand-up guy he’s made out to be in the media. Here’s a short clip from an article by Human Rights First that will help to put things into perspective:
“Five former FBI agents…raised concerns about his (Comey’s) support for a legal memorandum justifying torture and his defense of holding an American citizen indefinitely without charge. They note that Comey concurred with a May 10, 2005, Office of Legal Counsel opinion that authorized torture. While the agents credited Comey for opposing torture tactics in combination and on policy grounds, they note that Comey still approved the legal basis for use of specific torture tactics.
“These techniques include cramped confinement, wall-standing, water dousing, extended sleep deprivation, and waterboarding, all of which constitute torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment in contravention of domestic and international law,” the letter states.
Those signing the letter to the committee also objected to Comey’s defense of detaining Americans without charge or trial and observed, “Further, Mr. Comey vigorously defended the Bush administration’s decision to hold Jose Padilla, a United States citizen apprehended on U.S. soil, indefinitely without charge or trial for years in a military brig in Charleston, South Carolina.” (“FBI Agents Urge Senate Judiciary Committee to Question Comey on Torture, Indefinite Detention”, Human Rights First)
American Thinker’s Clarice  Feldman explains why Comey launched his counter-intel investigation in July 2016 but failed to notify Congress until March 2017, a full eight months later. Here’s what she said:
“There is only one reasonable explanation for FBI Director James Comey to be launching a counter-intel investigation in July 2016, notifying the White House and Clapper, and keeping it under wraps from congress. Comey was a participant in the intelligence gathering for political purposes — wittingly, or unwittingly.” (“Russian Hacking and Collusion: Put the Cards on the Table”, American Thinker)
Are we suggesting that the heads of the so called Intelligence Community are at war with the Trump Administration and paving the way for impeachment  proceedings?
The Russia hacking fiasco is a regime change operation no different than the CIA’s 50-or-so other oustings in the last 70 years. The only difference is that this operation is on the home field which is why everyone is so flustered. These things are only suppose to happen in those “other” countries.
In conclusion, we must now accept “we are on of those other countries.” This is why we Americans cannot make heads or tails over our political environment any longer.  It is why our monumental Justice Department and voting process is not longer valid.  We are living in a cover-up of gigantic proportions.  The Deep State has taken over, and if we allow it, it will overthrow a President, who was chosen by the people.  WE THE PEOPLE must open our eyes, look around at the new reality, and decide what to do next. That is what Seth Rich was faced with, too.  God bless him and God bless America.

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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul Institute Questions Why Is It A “Conspiracy Theory” To Think That Seth Rich Gave Wikileaks The DNC Emails, But Not The Same To Think The Emails Were Provided By Russia? Plus, Seth Rich Speaks On Video.

  1. Think about this…there is no credible proof that he is dead, but merely missing. Maybe they won’t release the documents because there aren’t any! Podesta and Hillary are pissed at this guy and as Satanists they could be doing worse things to him than just killing him off. Are we sure he is dead or has he been kidnapped?
    Seth, a Bernie supporter and the DNC Voter Expansion Data Director, found out about the Hillary’s duplicate polling place scheme that siphoned votes from Bernie. Seth sent evidence of this fraud over to Wikileaks. Here’s the theory.
    Podesta and his pedo-crew determines to “make an example” out of the suspected leaker. Put nothing past this sick excuse of a human being. Is Seth in the same place as Eric Braverman, still missing former Clinton Foundation director?
    1. Not credible bar owner – The bar owner went to the White House a few days before the murder. The bar owner said Seth was there that night. Was he? Is this part of a created story line? Where are the cell phone records or bar receipts proving Seth was even there?
    2. Links to SEIU – Who were the thugs that took out Seth?
    3. Not credible DC police – The corrupt DC police said they found Seth on the street with alive and conscious with bullet holes in the back. Even though they release body cam footage all the time they won’t in this case. Was this report falsified?
    4. No security camera footage in area – There were nearly 70 security cameras in the area where Seth was supposedly shot. Where are those videos? Nobody reported anything suspicious either.
    5. No death certificate or autopsy report – Where is the death certificate? Which hospital did he die at? Where is the autopsy report or coroner’s report?
    6. Not credible parents and girlfriend – The so-called parents, brother and girlfriend appear to be crisis actors playing a role. Watch the interviews and it looks like Sandy Hook all over again…no tears, duping delight smiles, scripted speech, holding a panda bear, smiles, smiles, smiles. And, like all paid shiils, they set up a Go Fund Me to collect donations! Nope, not buying their bs story. Where are Seth’s real parents and real friends? and
    7. Who is controlling the narrative? – Why does “murder” need a DNC-linked crisis spokesman? Brad Bauman, a crisis public relations consultant working with the Pastorum Group and formerly employed by the DNC and SEIU, is supposedly hired by the fake parents. Could it be that someone (Podesta/Hillary?) hired Brad the coverup and create a story for Seth’s disappearance? Did Brad hire the crisis actor parents and girlfriend, photoshop pictures, leak out fake alibis, pressure the hospital and police to lie, and create all this fictitious buzz of a murder mystery?
    Bottom line: Where is Seth?

  2. Chances are if the media get to a point where they can’t deny Seth Rich leaked those emails anymore, they’ll start claiming they’ve always said so, but of course Seth Rich was a Russian spy, therefore their old narrative stands.
    Maybe that’s why his parents backed off from wanting a proper investigation – they didn’t want their son to face a public smearing as a Russian spy in all media available to the deep state terrorists.
    The sad thing is they might just get away with it – it’s pretty much impossible to prove a negative. Proving Seth Rich never had any ties to Russia whatsoever is only marginally easier than proving the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t actually exist.

    • Holy Cow! Do you know I have not even considered that scenario would be used next! My gosh, what are we going to do? Do we have any chance at all of getting to the truth? We may not ever get that chance? I cannot handle that.

      • I don’t know for sure that they’re going to use that scenario next – but I know it’s what I’d do if I was them (meaning I was both trying to sell their narrative and I didn’t have any sort of a conscience getting in the way).
        I’d essentially report that Seth Rich leaked those emails (and give some of the obvious proof to give my story credibility) before following up with “and that is almost conclusive evidence showing Russia did it after all, anonymous sources close to the CIA say they have been watching Seth Rich for years because of suspicions that he was a Russian spy.”
        The problem is it’s hard to disprove – it may be possible to prove he never received any money from Russia (but even that would be hard, given he might have received cash), but then they could argue he wasn’t paid off, but he was working for Russia because he’s one of Putin’s true believers who would do anything for his idol. (And it would even give them another opportunity to bash Bernie — “Seth Rich was a Bernie supporter, therefore he was a Communist, therefore he loved the USSR, therefore he loved Russia” – never mind that he was too young to possibly have any memories of the USSR even existing outside of history books)
        It might help trying to ridicule the idea before they can bring it up (if you were the corporate media, would you want to run a story that was in the alternative media before, in the context of “the liars are getting so desperate that the next ridiculous story they’ll invent will probably be this”?), but of course those still following only the corporate media have no idea it has been discussed here before and they will just swallow it as “news”, and they may just decide to go with it (I wonder if I could file a copyright lawsuit over that work of fiction, given I invented it first? But probably I’d just get really depressed if I did that, so much so that I’d end up committing suicide by shooting myself in the head 5 times with different guns and then jump into a compactor or so).
        I think we’ve essentially arrived at knowing the truth – but getting the corporate media to stop reporting and extending the lie is probably a lot harder than figuring out what really happened. They’re still pushing that ridiculous “19 bad guys with boxcutters” story about 9/11 after all.
        It may not be possible to get them to cover the truth, but we’ve come a long way in terms of getting people not to believe their lies anymore.
        Readers/viewers/listeners of the alternative media keep growing.
        Their lies keep contradicting each other, and more people are waking up.
        While forcing them to finally tell the truth would be more satisfying and faster, in the long run just telling the truth to give people who are starting to wake up a place where they can find out what really happened may well be sufficient.

  3. So is there any truth in the rumors that a few Bernie Supporters at the DNC bit da dust after Podesta said he wanted to make an extreme example of the leakers. Supposedly one Bernie supporter dropped a barbell on his throat while doin bench presses and suffocated. Another in his thirties had just finished entertaining his girl friend and stuck his toothbrush in his mouth and dropped dead. Bernie LAUYER supposedly had a heart attack and I believe another stroked out all in the week after the leak! If true, very interesting coincidences!
    The wishes of the family are immaterial if we are taking about Murder INC!

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