Ron Unz: 9/11 Was An Israeli Attack On The US

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by SP

I recently came across this article by Ron Unz, founder of the Unz Review.  He is a political insider in both the alternative media and the Jewish elite circles.  Unz gradually comes to understand that the 9/11 story we have been told is “riddled with falsehoods.”  These falsehoods came to his awareness in private conversations with colleagues.    His inquiry further lead him to the conclusion that the attacks where designed and implemented by the Israeli Mossad.

What is remarkable, is that Ron Unz is a brilliant intellect, a devout Jew, and is intensely interested of the role of the Jewish peoples in the modern world.  He is not in anyway, anti-Semitic.

His article is long.  He describes his process of awakening to the “falsehoods” of the 9/11 story and his gradual shifting to the understanding that the Israeli Mossad is the likely origin.

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He also explains his views on 1)  the ways that the MSM is avoiding this topic, and 2) the role of the neoconservatives, many of which are his friends, who turned this “Muslim attack of 9/11” into justification for the Iraq invasion.

From the Intro Bio on the author, Ron Unz:

The author is the founder and editor of The Unz Review, a leading conservative American political website. He is also a silicon valley entrepreneur, and a one-time candidate for the governor of California. He was once described as ‘the smartest guy in his class’ at Harvard (class of 1983).  He is Jewish, raised in a Yiddish speaking household, and writes frequently on the Jewish Question.

The Case That 9/11 Was an Israeli Attack on the US Is ‘Overwhelmingly Strong’ –

Ron Unz

” … the attacks must have been the work of a highly sophisticated organization with access to advanced military technology …”

“Once we have concluded that the culprits were part of a highly-sophisticated organization, we can then focus on the Who and the Why….”

I understand that this is a large topic and that it challenges a great deal of what some believe is right, true, kind and just.

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Please also know that I have good will to Jewish people, Israelis, and my family and co-workers who are Jewish and were NOT in any way inolved in the 9/11 attacks.

So pour a tall one, and sit down to listen to Ron Unz tell of his conversion process.

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