Rosie O'Donnell Crosses The Line From Being A Bully To An Enemy Of The American People.

by Pamela Williams
I don’t think very much of Rosie O’Donnell, although I actually used to like her as a talk show host and as an actress. It takes some of us more time to grow up than others…that’s my excuse. Rosie has shown her true colors on Twitter and on the VIEW…oh, my gosh, the VIEW…what a freak show. I think most of us have gotten a kick out of the Twitter banter between Rosie and President-elect Trump. At least it was entertaining, although O’Donnell is hard to take on any level.
Trump, however, is extremely entertaining to me, as I tend to speak in a straightforward manner as he does. I like those who call the way they see it. They may be brutal at times, but at least you can trust them. O’Donnell, on the other hand, is beginning to act like a psycho. She has crossed the line from being a bully to a threat to democracy.
She is actually calling for martial law to interfere with the Inauguration of Trump! This is going from being funny to a threat to the American people! She has crossed the line, and I truly see it that way. Martial law is something that many in Alternative Media have discussed and frankly feared. Now, it seems between the Obama Administration and Hollywood, the chances of seeing it do exist. I am sick to death of these Hollywood brats showing their lack of respect for the American voter. WE THE PEOPLE voted, and that is that! Get over yourselves, Hollywood!
As far as O’Donnell goes I am afraid of how far she will take this. She is right in there with the Obama bunch, and I would not put anything past them. They are self-centered brats, and they truly believe they own the United States with no regard for the authentic WE THE PEOPLE. In one of Rosie’s tweets, she actually had the gall to refer to herself as WE THE PEOPLE…how rich of her.

In another she calls for martial law to delay the Inauguration.

I noticed in the last Tweet  President-elect let his true nature shine through.  O’Donnell had a heart attack, and he wished her well.  That is the man we have become accustomed to, as Trump is a generous and caring person.  However, he is Presidential material, and that material has to be tough and brash at times.

However, O’Donnell, on the other hand, is not becoming the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2016, and she just needs to cool it and have some respect for the this Country and its people.
She is welcome to exit the Country and leave us be, but she is not speaking for WE THE PEOPLE when she calls for martial law, interfering  with the Presidential process.  The calling for martial law by a prominent figure is no joke or laughing matter, even for a so-called comedian.

Donald Trump ripped Rosie O’Donnell during the first Republican presidential debate in 2015, saying that she was the only woman about whom he had ever made disparaging comments.

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Now, with less than 10 days until Trump takes the oath of office, O’Donnell says that she’d support “martial law” in order to delay his inauguration.

“FULLY SUPPORT IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW – DELAYING THE INAUGURATION – UNTIL TRUMP IS ‘CLEARED’ OF ALL CHARGES,” O’Donnell wrote in response to a Twitter user who suggested the U.S. military take control of the government until the president-elect can prove he  has no financial ties to Russia.