Rudy Giuliani: George Soros has a plan to alter our system of justice by investing millions in electing criminal friendly, incompetent DA’s!

by 4moreyears

This has lead to major increases in crime & a substantial decrease in public confidence in government institutions.

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SOROS SPENDING $220M TO ELECT MORE LOONIES TO LOCAL PROSECUTOR JOBS: Oh boy, just what America needs, more Soros-backed DAs like the one in St. Louis who seized the McCloskeys’ firearms.

The organization founded by billionaire financier George Soros will pour $220 million into initiatives that seek to advance the cause of racial justice and equality.

The Soros-backed Open Society Foundations said in a press release Monday that the money would be channeled to organizations and leaders in Black communities across the country, aiming to boost efforts to sustain the momentum of the police reform and racial justice movement sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Floyd’s death in police custody in May led to mass protests, some of which were marred by looting and riots, igniting fears that radical activists were seeking to hijack what the Open Society Foundations calls the “nation’s historic movement towards racial justice.”

The aim of the $220 million investment is “to build power in Black communities, promote bold new anti-racist policies in U.S. cities, and help first-time activists stay engaged,” the organization said in a separate statement.

The foundation said it will invest $150 million in five-year grants for Black-led racial justice groups, while $70 million would be earmarked for a range of initiatives that include supporting local governments and organizations with technical expertise on “navigating municipal budgets” to help cities implement a new vision of public safety that includes “moving beyond the culture of criminalization and incarceration.”



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