If you’re Andrew Cuomo’s sister-in-law, you get to do yoga without a mask in a Jimmy Choo store while the rest of the NY peons…presumably shut up.

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When you’re New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo

ALBANY – Those who were hoping to catch a movie, place a bet at a casino or hit the gym in New York on Friday will have to make due with visiting a zoo, botanical garden or museum….

Phase 4 was originally billed as the final stage, allowing for education, recreation, arts and entertainment facilities to reopen. And for weeks, theaters, fitness facilities and shopping malls thought that meant they would be able to open their doors.

But by Wednesday morning, it became clear they will have to wait for a separate determination from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office before welcoming their customers back.

When you’re New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sister-in-law:

Cristina Cuomo, wife of the governor’s brother and CNN host Chris Cuomo, posted an Instagram video showing her doing a maskless yoga session just inches from a pal in the East Hamptons Jimmy Choo shoe store.

Both Cuomo and the friend, Erika Halweil, a yoga instructor, removed their masks within seconds of starting the nearly 70-minute workout Wednesday, conducted in front of shelves of pricey stilettos.

When you’re New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

SYOSSET, NY — Gym owners across New York filed a class-action lawsuit Wednesday after gyms were yanked from the state’s coronavirus reopening plan.

The fourth reopening phase went into effect on Long Island Wednesday, leaving gym owners frustrated and not knowing when they’ll be able to get back to making a living….

“Basically, they’re taking away our clients’ livelihood, our clients’ business, for public use or public purpose, which is, according to the governor, to stop the spread of COVID,” [gym-owner lawyer James] Mermigis told Patch. “Therefore, pay these people. Pay the gym owners, because how are they supposed to survive?”



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