Rush Limbaugh Says ‘Why There Will Be No Blue Wave’ for Democrats

The Democrats death of the Blue Wave.

People have always known politics and politicians were crooked but what has been revealed in the last year and a half about Obama and Democrats can not be ignored. The other thing is how they made sure Crooked Hillary would be the winner to carry on the theft of America.

Their master plan for total control went up in smoke November 8, 2016 and now they have only one answer attack President Trump. They have lost over a thousand seats of power while their master plan was being finalized. The map has turned red and they have nothing to lean on. No issues other than they hate Donald Trump and you should too.

Their attack on the administration has nothing as OUR President keeps getting what he and the American people want. There is that old adage when asking for votes, “Are you better off today than you were before the last election” in this case WE damn sure are.

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The healthcare mandate with fines is gone, taxes are lower, millions got bonuses, regulations have been rolled back that hindered small business, we see the lowest unemployment in 17 years, the lowest Black unemployment ever, the prospect of a united Korea for the first time in 68 years, foreign policy that works and this is just a portion of what OUR President has done mainly without help even from the Republicans. The fight is long from over as we are under seige from human trafficers, drug smugglers and illegals crossing the border with help from within America.

When those midterms come in November vote for America not for Democrats!


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