Rush Limbaugh today explains what Matt Drudge is up to

Rush explains how Nancy Pelosi’s agenda is to turn Trump supporters against Trump to get overwhelming support from the American people to call for impeachment to pressure Trump to resign voluntarily. This is how they pressured Nixon to resign. She’s doesn’t want to be responsible for impeaching Trump, she’s never going to actually try to impeach him.

Of course I don’t believe this is ever going to work. As Rush points out when Nixon resigned there was no Rush, there was no alternative media, there was no internet. That’s what’s different and what will cause this to fail.

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Another reason it’s going to fail is because unlike Nixon, they didn’t openly announce and plot to impeach Nixon from day one. Nixon never dealt with two previous coup attempts. Does make you wonder though, was Watergate a set up coup attempt created by the Democrats in Nixon’s time?

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Matt Drudge is shilling for Nancy Pelosi? Drudge is helping Nancy Pelosi turn Trump supporters against Trump.

Only question I have now is, why would Drudge do this? Who got to him? Was he always controlled opposition? Did someone pay him off?



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