RUSH: The Russians attacked and annexed Crimea from Ukraine, and they had no way to defend themselves — and guess who did not follow the treaty and give them any aid? Obama!

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RUSH: I ran into Andy McCarthy. He gave me a little preview. He’s got a column out today, and he’s taken all this very seriously. And he said, “You know, the White House, the Trump administration, they better get in gear fast. They had better have an answer to this charge. They can’t just run around and say it’s a witch hunt. They can’t run around and say the process is unfair. They better have an answer to the charge. And the charge is that Trump asked a foreign power to dig up dirt on a political enemy. Better have an answer for that.”

Andy’s argument — now, he’s a lawyer — they better have something on substance here. Even if the Democrats are using smoke and mirrors, it’s important for Trump to have a response to the substance of the charge. Well, I’m gonna give you one. Mike Pompeo was on Fox last night, and here’s the question. “You were on that Ukraine call.” This is the call the whistleblower didn’t hear, called Adam Schiff and told him about it.

We now know who the whistleblower is. Folks, this whistleblower is a 33-year-old Harvard dime-a-dozen graduate. This guy is a Pajama Boy. He looks exactly like the kid that Obama put wearing pajamas in an ad for Obamacare or something.

This guy’s got a little goatee, I’m sure to make himself look more mature and older.  He’s an acolyte of John Brennan.  He’s a holdover from the Obama administration.  He was in the Trump West Wing!  He was kicked out of the West Wing in 2017 for leaking negative stories to the media about Trump!  He was among the people in the White House working to assist the FBI in the Russia investigation of Trump colluding with Russia, which didn’t happen.  This is the whistleblower.

He did not hear the call.

Vindman heard the call and told the whistleblower, the whistleblower called Schiff — this is what they don’t want anybody to know — and then Schiff took the guy’s information. I don’t think any of this happened as I just expressed.  I think the whole thing was set up.  I think whoever is pulling the strings here… I think John Brennan’s the puppet master, but I think this was planned as an insurance policy in case Trump-Russia blew up.  I think they’ve had assets in place to handle every eventuality.

While they were confident the Trump-Russia collusion, the Mueller Report was gonna work out, they no doubt had a contingency — and when it didn’t, they authorized this: Plan B, Plan C.  I don’t believe any of this was spontaneous.  I don’t believe, for example, that Vindman heard the phone call and was really, really outraged. “Oh, my God! I’m scared to death what’s happening to my country.”  I don’t believe this, because the phone call was nothing. There was nothing on the phone call to engender that kind of reaction.  The reaction had to be planned.

Just like there was never any evidence for Trump-Russia collusion, there was nothing in that phone call to trigger this kind of panicked, “Oh, my God.  I’m afraid for my nation” reaction.  And how do I know this?  Because Vindman said that the Trump-released transcript was edited and that he went in there, Vindman did, and tried to add things to the transcript that were he said that were edited out.  In the very New York Times story reporting this, the Times admits that Vindman’s edits didn’t substantially change lawmakers’ assertion or understanding of the transcript.

In other words: Nothing burger.

I don’t believe any of this was spontaneous.  I think Schiff knew for months that this was a possibility, that this particular whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, was going to eventually come to him.  I think the whole thing was set up as a Plan B contingency if Russia bombed out.  And this is why I say there’s other stuff that we don’t know that Brennan, et al, have waiting in the wings to be sprung. As every one of their plans blows up, they’re gonna have a new one that everybody will react to like they did Trump-Russia.

This is the thing that bugs me.  At what point does everybody say, “Enough!  You tried with Russia and you bombed out, and you’ve tried with this phone call and it’s nothing burger.  Enough”?  But nobody reacts that way.  With every new, never-before-heard-about revelation, what does Washington do?  They stop, they gulp, they go, “Oh, my God.  Trump might have done that?”  It’s been three years, and Donald Trump hadn’t done anything.





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