Rush Warns His 15 Million Listeners to Not Trust Fox News

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Rush Limbaugh Opinion

The formerly conservative network is going to keep moving towards the political Left, Rush said on Friday. He believes it is to appease the “radicals” and “big wigs” that help them with advertising, he told his 15 to 20 million followers.

“I can’t tell you the number of people who are complaining to me about Fox and their analysis here. And, folks, all I can tell you is there’s nothing new about that,” said Limbaugh.

He has blasted Fox News several times, including seven weeks ago when he called them the never Trumper network.

He told viewers to not expect too much from the network.

“I’d lower my expectations if I were you. If you’re expecting what Fox used to be, you need to shift your perspective,” Limbaugh said.

Rush believes Fox News is helping push the bogus claims from Democrats that President Donald Trump should be impeached from office based on a phone call with the Ukraine President.


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