Russia could be expelled from the United Nations, but it’s highly unlikely.

A country can be expelled from the United Nations, but it has never happened and our sources say it’s unlikely Russia will be the first because of the Security Council.

Article 6 of the United Nations Charter allows for the expulsion of a member country, if a member has “persistently violated the principles” of the UN Charter. The General Assembly can expel them upon recommendation by the Security Council and approval by two-thirds of the General Assembly.

Russia is one of 15 members of the U.N. Security Council, which was created to maintain international peace and security, and one of five permanent members. Russia’s permanent membership status on the council means the country has veto power and can block any resolution. The four other permanent members are the United States, United Kingdom, France and China.

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Since Russia has a veto on the Security Council, the council couldn’t recommend Russia’s removal from the U.N. unless Russia agreed or abstained from voting.



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