Russia Cuts Gas to Denmark

by Chris Black

Wow, who could have predicted this? I hope that Russia cuts off the entire EU from its oil and gas, especially Germany, to make it clear who’s boss. Teach those green-energy retards a lesson they will never forget.

But I’m just a dreamer.


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Denmark has become the fifth country to be cut off from Russian natural gas following the refusal of its biggest power wholesaler, Orsted, to pay for deliveries in rubles. 


Supplies to Shell Energy Europe Limited in Germany have also been halted for the same reason, Russian energy giant Gazprom announced on Wednesday.


The only reason Denmark or any of the other countries would refuse to pay in rubles is that they think Russia is going to lose in Ukraine before winter. That’s why I call them retards.

 There’s no other explanation. Europe literally does not have winter heat without Russia, and their projection is they won’t have it until 2027.


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