Russia Is Practicing Killing Missiles (Like U.S. Missiles and More)… China Unveils Three New Warships…

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Russia’s Aerospace Force successfully test-fired a new anti-ballistic missile (ABM) that can reach speeds in excess of three km/s or more than four times the speed of a bullet fired from the current version of a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
“The combat team of the Aerospace Force’s air and anti-ballistic missile defense troops conducted another successful test-launch of a new missile of the Russian anti-ballistic missile defense system at the Sary-Shagan proving ground (the Republic of Kazakhstan),” the Russian Ministry of Defense ministry said in a statement, according to a report from Tass.
The ABM system was developed …

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CHINA has unveiled three new warships as tensions with Taiwan reach boiling point.

President Xi Jinping showed off the country’s newest assets – an amphibious helicopter carrier, a nuclear sub and a guided-missile cruiser – in a public display of strength as a warning to Taipei.


Here’s Why America Needs a Strong ICBM Force

The critics of intercontinental ballistic missiles continue their attack on America’s nuclear deterrent while pushing forward a series of completely false narratives to make their points. In particular, on April 21 former Secretary of Defense William Perry and Tom Collina of Ploughshares noted in an op-ed published by Defense One that the United States must eliminate the new ground-based strategic deterrent or ground based strategic deterrent. Their alternative would eventually require the United States to rely solely on at-sea-submarines and whatever bombers might be on alert, a sharply diminished deterrent the United States has not relied upon for the entirety …

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