Russia rains 50+ missiles on Kyiv+Other Cities… Kyiv: Prep For Long-Outage/ 80% of Capital=without water /PRO-NATO MOLDOVA HIT

by Dangerous Times

Russia rains missiles on Kyiv, other cities after Sevastopol attack pulling out of grain deal

The following regions and cities hit:

– Kiev
– Dnepropetrovsk
– Vinnitsa
– Zaporozhye
– Poltava
– Kharkiv
– Kirovograd
Attacks on structures:
– CHPP-5 (Kiev)
– CHPP-6 (Kiev)
– Lviv CHP (Lviv)
– Kremenchug HPP
– DneproGes
– Novodnestrovskaya HPP

10 rocket explosions sounded in Kyiv. Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed power outages in parts of the capital and water supply restrictions in some areas.

A missile attack on the Novodnestrovskoye hydroelectric power station, located a few kilometers from Moldova. Apparently, the rocket that was seen over the Odessa region was flying there.

The Ukrainian air defense has downed 44 out of more than 50 missiles launched at cities this morning.

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A RUSSIAN missile has landed in pro-Nato Moldova

across the border from Ukraine as Putin edges closer to the brink of World War Three.

No injuries were reported – but the windows of several homes were smashed when it landed at the northern end of the village, the ministry said.

“So far there are no reported victims, but the windows of several houses in Naslavcea were destroyed,” it said.

Naslavcea lies on the border with Ukraine at Moldova’s north.

The falling of debris on Moldova is the latest spillover from the conflict in Ukraine into the country, which is a former part of the Soviet Union with a pro-Western government.

Access prohibited in Naslavcea Moldova. The village is on lockdown after the morning blast


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