Alleged President Biden is Using the Obviously Fake Pelosi Attack to Smear Trump Voters

by Chris Black

This event is clearly staged before midterms.

I mean, who could believe that a homeless weirdo could break into Nancy Pelosi’s home-fortress (did you see those walls bro?), and that the cops would show up (no private security lol) and just sit on ass, watching her husband get attacked with a hammer.

But I think some people would believe anything if it’s on the TV.

The alleged attacker is not even being charged with breaking and entering.

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How did he get in the house? No one explained.

They released a photo of a broken window with the glass on the outside lol.

Also did the homeless guy scale the outer wall in his underwear? After walking through a wealthy neighborhood in his underwear?

I mean, come on, man…

Even Musk tweeted that this was some weird conspiracy, but he later deleted the tweet because he’s a bitch.



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