Russiagate, oil politics, the Rothschilds, and Venezuela

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by the-99th-monkey


The reemergence of McCarthyism developed throughout western media about Russia has been largely driven by Russia’s nationalization of oil over the past couple of decades. This has made enemies out of the profiteers that have been victimized by it, and has led to an economically stronger Russia — making it a geopolitical threat.

When Boris Yeltsin privatized its state-subsidized business in the 90’s, a strategy promoted by the Clinton administration, it was seen by Russian citizens as enabling capitalists to pillage Russia’s resources. This in turn led to extreme wealth, creating the current Russian oligarchic society that’s often referred to. This also gave the opportunity for American oil giants to gain control of Russian oil. The oil company Yukos was purchased in 1996 by a 40yr. old Mikhail Khodorkovsky in an arguably fraudulent acquisition, he then became the wealthiest Russian, grew ties to the US, and campaigned politically against President Putin as he developed suspicious success. In an effort to strengthen the Russian economy, Russia began to re-nationalize Russia’s oil under Putin. In 2003, after a tax reassessment, the Russian government presented Yukos with a series of tax claims that amounted to $27 billion. With Yukos not able to pay these claims, their assets were sold off and Khodorkovsky was arrested for fraud and tax evasion. Khodorkovsky subsequently relinquished his shares to Jacob Rothschild.

The nationalization of Russian oil and resources has counteracted the U.S. efforts of weakening Russia by the breaking up of its provinces (and gaining control of the resources of those provinces). Out of retaliation toward President Putin, Khodorkovsky helped fund the Magnitsky Act (This is the 400k Putin referred to, but mistakenly said “million”) based on Bill Browder’s less than water tight story. Khodorkovsky also established the philanthropy foundation named Open Russia, which though separate from George Soro’s Open Border Society, is inspired similarly, and includes Henry Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild as board members. The resulting sanctions of the Magnitsky Act have supported U.S. geopolitical interests while working to discredit the Russian government for the ant-Putin oligarchs. Joe Biden, sponsored a resolution around details of Khodorkovsky’s inprisionment (before he was Vice President), and has interest in keeping Ukrainian gas and oil away from Russia, considering his son Hunter is on the board of directors of the Ukrainian company Burisma.

The additional sanctions and collusion narrative based on the 2016 U.S. election interference, is working for all anti-Putin political and business profiteers. John McCain, a co-sponsor of the Magninsky Act, was the deliverer of the Steele Dossier. Whether the Steele Dossier sponsored by Fusion GPS is based on legitimate activity or not, it’s questionable allowance by the FISA court, was (as admitted to by James Clapper) used to renew surveillance that was initially granted after George Popadopolus had been approached by Russian “agents”, and include the entire Trump administration. This has publicly fueled the current “Russian Collusion” investigation. Though the Trump enterprise has a legacy of association with the Russian mob, no direct collusion with the Russian government has been identified, and given Facebook and Google’s testimonies, Russian interference seems more like speculation and or exaggeration. Additionally, the suggestion of hacking and suspected cyber attacks identified by Homeland Security, was activity dismissed by specialists in court hearings (46:00).

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Much of the indictments of Trump’s campaign members have been seen as evidence of collusion, however the summary of charges below hardly substantiate such arguments.

George Papadopoulos

Papadopoulos became in contact with a professor (Joseph Mifsud), who he thought had connections to the Russian government and a Russian national (Olga Vinogradova), who said she was a niece of Putin (never confirmed), they said they had dirt on Hillary and were eager to set up meeting with the Trump Campaign. After coordinated emails back and forth, and notification of an FBI investigation, no coordination with Russian government happened, but Papadopoulos lied about the details when questioned by the FBI.

Manafort and Gates

Manafort and Gates worked as unregistered agents for Ukraine. They laundered the money, and hid it in offshore accounts to protect it from US taxes. They also created a scheme to fraud the U.S. though the use of properties bought with foreign money as collateral for U.S. cash. No coordination with Russian government happened, and they lied when questioned by the FBI.

The transfer of polling data Manafort seems to have passed mostly public polling data to Lyovochkin and Akhmetov who his Ukrainian lobbying firm worked for, and who’s money he and Gates would hide over sees and use to fraud the US, which has led to his indictment.

Michael Cohen

Cohen made false statements to congress about about the abandonment of a real estate deal he was working on in Moscow, claiming it concluded before the primaries. After multiple attempts to contact the press secretary of Russia’s federation concerning the project, but was only connected to an assistant. No coordination with Russian government happened, and he lied about the when the project ended.

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Michael Flynn

Flynn lied to hide the fact he discussed not escalating tensions with Russian officials in response to sanctions, and about asking the Russian Ambassador to try an delay a UN vote against Israeli settlements.

Roger Stone

Stone lied saying he had no emails and texts pertaining to the WikiLeaks and the email releases, however he had numerous emails he sent to “Person 1” (Steve Bannon) about them.

Additionally, people aledged to be Russian assets working to colude with the Trump administration don’t seem to be.

Natalia Veselnitskaya

Russian lawyer, who argued that she’s not a Kremlin lawyer, met about the Magninsky Act and fraud of Bill Browderduring the Trump Tower Meeting.

Maria Butina

Butina is not being treaded as a spy, though projected as an agent infiltrating the NRA to get to the Trump administration, she seems a lot more like she’s business networking for Russia’s floundering gun industry, and failed to register as foreign agent.

13 Russians were charged from an intelligence assessments, but technical proof was never publically presented to to validate the claims.

Alice Donavan

Donavan was revealed to be a Russian agent spreading propaganda on CounterPuch, but is also accused of being an FBI discrediting opperation.

The Great Russian Twitter Purge

An event many conservative Twitter users found themselves victims of.

With unequivocal global dominance only a Syria or an Iran away, western powers need to condition the view of Russia negatively so any strategies against them will be publicly accepted. If there is a reignited cold war, it seems to be between the Kremlin and the oilgarchs of the world who are bitter about Putin’s nationalization of Russian natural resources. As the U.S. leverages the McCarthy’esk atmosphere, it covers the political mishaps of the DNC, fall out from Wikileaks releases, and helps maintain support for increased military spending and foreign activity. Venuzuela now seems to now be falling to the same victimization for similiar reasons.



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