Russian Economy in Panic! The Aggressive Plan Against Ukraine Will End Very Badly for the World

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There is an atmosphere of panic today in the Russian money markets that reminds me of the 1998 crisis period. Besides this, with Russia’s recent massive military movements targeting Ukraine, I had already decided that this video should be about Russia. It appears to me that the main underlying motive for these actions, which are too costly to be simple intimidation or a military exercise, was almost an economic survival struggle for Russia. Russia was somehow obliged to perform these actions, and it seems they stand ready for the continuation.

Frankly, I had difficulty preparing my analysis and constantly reconsidered it. First, you must understand that the underlying reason behind all of this is monetary and order change in the world.

Since the beginning of what is known as the Eastern Ukraine Crisis in the Donbass region, which began in April 2014, the region has remained in a state of tension. There has been constant military activity, and Russia contains the military resources to launch large-scale operations there at any time. But such a large-scale military movement naturally drives people into fear, and we have to ask the question- why?

You can be sure that I will discuss Russia a lot more in the coming period. We must understand what is heading toward us and what financial and social disasters to expect as a result. To do this, we have to keep an ear to the ground when it comes to Moscow.

Considering Putin is one of the best geopolitical chess masters in the world, we must admit that it is very difficult to analyze Russia.

Prepare as much as you can and expect to see events happening right before your eyes that you would never have imagined a few years ago. As I said, the smoke that will rise from Ukraine very soon will have very different causes than before, and what unfolds as a result will be very different.
Let’s rewind the story a little before we talk about the details of the economic impasse that make Russia take an aggressive stance.

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Let’s take a simple look at the Russian economy in the context of fossil fuel exports. Almost 80 percent of its exports are now natural gas and oil. It buys agricultural and industrial products with the foreign currency it earns. With the whole world moving in the direction of alternative energy sources over the next 20 years, especially in regards to electric vehicles and solar energy, fossil fuels as a mainstay of their economy will come to an end.
The Green New Deal and many other trillion-dollar projects are in the process of being implemented not only in the United States but in all world governments in order to accelerate the process of phasing out fossil fuels.

In addition to Russia’s aggressive attitudes, the future of their economy also relies on global warming. Russia seems to be betting on the hope that almost all of their capital will save them while global warming will make the whole world hell. According to this plan, they want to open up an economic space for themselves thanks to the new trade route created by the melting of the glaciers.

With this alternative route, a container ship from Tokyo to Hamburg needs to travel for about 48 days via the Suez Canal, while the same ship has to travel for about 35 days via the Northern Sea Route.
After the Suez Canal incident, they began to discuss this issue even more. I hope some of the puzzle pieces are coming together in your mind. By the way, I’m sure for those of you who have been watching the videos on this channel for the last few months, the Suez Canal incident comes as no surprise.

The rouble hit a five-month low against the dollar on Wednesday, battered by fears of another escalation of tensions between Moscow and the West. Apart from that, there is far worse news about Russia’s economy, but I will need to make a separate video for that.

There is much I wish to share with you, however, I wanted to make a short introduction with this video in order to explain the situation with Russia and what’s coming on the horizon for all of us.


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