Sales at over 77% of restaurants have declined by 50%. Only 15% say they would survive a six-month shutdown

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As of April 13, over 38% of restaurants said they have closed temporarily or potentially permanently with over 77% of respondents reporting they have seen at least a 50% reduction in sales, according to a survey emailed to Restaurant Dive from the James Beard Foundation and Independent Restaurant Coalition.

Two-thirds of restaurants say they are uncertain that takeout or delivery will be enough to sustain their businesses until they are able to reopen, according to the survey of 1,400 small and independent owners in April.

Only one in five owners in cities that have been shut down are very certain or somewhat certain that they will be able to maintain their businesses until normal operations resume.

The longer this crisis continues, the risk will only rise for restaurants.Only 15% of restaurants, bars and caterers say they would survive a six-month shutdown, according to a Harvard Business School survey. Many restaurants have also tried to pivot to off-premise only, but realized the sales were not enough to remain open.



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