Salesforce CEO Threatens to Pull Company From Indiana Over Abortion Restrictions, But Will Keep Doing Business in China

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A week after a new abortion ban went into effect in Indiana on September 15, Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff threatened to pull his company out of any states that restrict abortions. ​​

“The number one thing is, we must have our employees’ back,” Benioff said, “We are dealing with a whole series of crazy presidents, crazy governors and crazy mayors all over the world in every country, every city and every state. The number one thing I can do is let my employees know I’m here for them and I will 100 percent support them.”

In a Thursday interview with CNN, anchor Poppy Harlow asked Benioff about abortion restrictions and bans after the largest tech employer in Indiana announced plans to relocate workers who may want abortions.

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Benioff replied that he’s debating on pulling the business, an enterprise cloud computing company, out of cities and states with “crazy” politicians that don’t support “equality and dignity.”

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