San Diego Residents and Community Business Owners Withdraw their Consent and Confront Board of Supervisors Over Vaccine Passport Proposal

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by Sundance 

KUSI News in San Diego is reporting on significant push-back from the local community as citizens confront the County Board of Supervisors on proposals to mandate vaccination ID’s.

KUSI – […] “Hundreds of businesses have already signed a Business Equality Pledge and posted a Proclamation pledging not to discriminate. Citizens are also signing a petition to refuse to comply with these arbitrary and unconstitutional requirements. The rally attendees are not anti-vax, but they are simply against all medical mandates.

The community members and leaders were fired up, and to put it simply, directly called out the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for their overreaching rule, telling them to their face they have forgotten their oath to protect the constitution. (more)



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