San Franciscans Speak Out on Crime in the City: ‘It’s terrible. It’s brutal’

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Alright folks, you’ve seen the ads on TV lately. Come and visit Crime City, CA, where everyone’s dreams come true!!!

San Franciscans speak out on crime in the city: ‘It’s terrible. It’s brutal’
San Franciscans call crime in the city ‘a bad situation’

Jon Michael Raasch
Fox News

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco residents weary of car break-ins, looting and other crimes told Fox News that crime in the city “is a bad situation” and “the mayor has a lot on her plate.”

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Recently, the liberal Mayor of San Francisco announced a state of emergency in the Tenderloin neighborhood of the city to crack down on crime and drug use. “We are in a crisis and we need to respond accordingly,” Mayor London Breed said at a press conference.

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