San Francisco Drivers are Leaving Their Trunks Open to Save Their Windows

by Simon Black of Sovereign Man

Here’s a roll-up of some of the most ridiculous recent stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity, and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

The Metaverse has a Groping Problem…

An article from Technology Review is called “The metaverse has a groping problem already.”

It reads like satire, but it’s not.

It talks about beta testing on Facebook’s new parent company Meta’s virtual reality platform called Horizon Worlds.

The author details how “on November 26, a beta tester reported something deeply troubling: she had been groped by a stranger on Horizon Worlds.”

The author describes an incident in virtual reality when a woman’s avatar was approached without permission, and “groped” by another user.

Keep in mind that virtual avatars cannot reach through the video game and into real life. The real woman behind the avatar could not feel the touching that was happening inside the virtual world.

But the author says that “when virtual reality is immersive and real, toxic behavior that occurs in that environment is real as well.”

The article complains that it is “unfair and doesn’t work” to expect participants to use available tools to keep themselves safe in the virtual world.

“Until something changes,” the article concludes, “the metaverse will remain a dangerous, problematic space.”

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NYC Public Transit Director Cheats Public Transit Rules

A general superintendent at New York City’s MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) was caught using a blow-up doll to cheat highway rules.

HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes are specially reserved for vehicles carrying more than one person. We assume an MTA executive knows this simple rule…

But when he arrived to work, he was caught on camera with a blow-up doll in his front seat. This is a tactic some people use to make it appear like there are more passengers in the vehicle to avoid being fined for misuse of the HOV lanes.

When caught, the MTA boss claimed the doll was to keep him company and asked, “have I ever lied to you?”

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San Francisco Drivers are Leaving Their Trunks Open to Save Their Windows

Car break-ins in San Francisco are rampant, with thieves regularly smashing windows in order to grab valuables from a car.

Now some San Francisco drivers are going to extremes in an attempt to save their windows.

Leaving cars unlocked is one option, but other drivers are leaving their trunks or back hatches open to signal total surrender to thieves.

San Francisco, the progressive utopia…

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Elon Musk Says He’ll Pay $11 billion in Taxes This Year

It all started when Senator Elizabeth Warren called Tesla owner Elon Musk a “freeloader” on Twitter.

A political parasite who creates nothing had the nerve to say this to a man who has built multiple businesses, and delivered customers everything from electric vehicles to space shuttles…

So Elon dubbed Warren “Senator Karen” for reminding him of a childhood friend’s mother who would randomly yell at the neighborhood kids for no reason.

But Senator Karen is just plain wrong when she accuses Elon Musk of not paying taxes.

In fact, Elon claims that he will pay $11 billion in taxes this year.

He didn’t offer any specifics, but this number does make sense.

First, he will owe capital gains tax on the $14 billion worth of Tesla stock he has sold this year. Plus he will have to pay more taxes if he chooses to exercise stock option compensation which expires next year.

He may pay the most taxes of any American in history.

But we’re willing to bet that Senator Karen still won’t consider that “his fair share.”

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