San Francisco Public Schools Continue Proving Why Nobody Trusts Democrats to Handle Education

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) announced a new plan to focus on “student outcomes” on Monday and, buried within their update, is a link to a report from late June looking at the performance of the public school district’s students during the 2021-22 school year — and the statistics are abysmal.

The percentages of students meeting key metrics for success and readiness are provided by SFUSD as a whole, as well as broken down to show how “White, Asian, African American, and Latinx” — because of course — students fared by comparison.

For the 2021-22 school year, just 47.2 percent of students finishing eighth grade were found to be “ready for high school.” Broken down, Asian students were most likely to be prepared at 71 percent while 47.4 percent of white students, 23.7 percent of “Latinx” students, and 15 percent of African American students were ready for high school.

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When it comes to students with performance deemed “ready for college/career” by SFUSD, 57.5 percent made the cut. Again, Asian students were more prepared (80.3 percent) than white (65.7 percent), “Latinx” (32 percent), or African American students (24.7 percent) to start college or in their career field.

Yet, according to SFUSD’s data, 88.3 percent of students graduated from high school including 95.1 percent of Asian students, 90.4 percent of white students, 86 percent of African American students, and 76.7 percent of “Latinx” students.


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