SARS-COV-2 Is Able To Alter Its Genetic Signature

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by Ision

I have seen this in viral pathogens, like HIV.  And, since COV2, which is a modified virus, was provided with HIV, long-chain, genetic is quite possible the specific HIV splice used was chosen to provide COV2 with HIV’s ability to alter its genetic signature enough to present as a new virus, or strain.

We used to call this characteristic “phase-shifting,” wherein a virus would “shuffle” a portion of its RNA sequence just enough to fool the human immune system into considering it to be a new viral invader and causing the immune system to create new lymphocytes, macrophages, and antibodies to fight it.

This ability of a virus to alter its code enough to seem to be a brand new virus, which we specifically adapted for use in biowarfare viral pathogens, makes creating a vaccine impossible for such an pathogen, unless it targets the non-shifting portion of the virus protein coating.

This is why you have not seen an effective vaccine for HIV, and, if COV2 was provided this same ability with its HIV splice, you will never see a vaccine for it, too.

But, FEAR NOT!   Instead of a vaccine, which relies on a stable genetic signature, a phase-shifting virus can be effected by a nucleotide serum, designed to attach to the “shifting” virus, via a specific receptor, which has the effect of preventing the virus from being able to scramble its signature.  Basically, when the serum attaches to the virus, it freezes its signature at that time…and, if the immune system is still able, the body can deal with the pathogen, which can no longer evade targeted antibodies.

The problem with a serum is determining the sequence of its genetic material so it may attach and stop the virus from shifting.  This is a very hard thing to do, and few countries have this capability.

This is why the biowarfare pathogens we developed, which use the phase-shifting capability to make any enemy counter to it impossible, have an established serum already developed, BEFORE, the pathogen is put into play.

But, things can happen!   I asked my instructor, when being trained in these type of weapons…”What happens if the receptor on the virus mutates in the natural environment…or…if the virus, once it is worldwide, naturally mutates in such a way as to make our nucleotide serum for it cease to work?”

“In that case,” he said, “even our familiarity with the pathogen would not allow us to formulate a new, effective, serum…and we are all screwed.”

“Why would we EVER release such a weapon?” I asked, alarmed.

“To avoid the outbreak of an imminent nuclear war,” the instructor replied. “At the first indication of an eventual war,” he explained, “the weapon is released and it begins to create casualties in various populations around the world.  AS the world begins to panic, and efforts to control the new disease fail, we eventually let the enemy government come to understand WE have a cure for the disease, which we will gladly let them have…IF they stand down their forces and perform other tasks, which we wish them to do.

“Even if you NUKE us, and WIN the war, the pathogen will STILL BE OUT THERE, and will eventually KILL ALL OF YOU…and the cure we have for it will vanish with your victory.”

If the virus was released on purpose, it would mean a serum may exist.  If the virus was accidentally released, there may not have been any time before hand to develop a cure.  So, it is always better for such an agent to be a deliberate release.

I just hope the COV2 virus display of rapid mutation and all the new strains, are not just mistaken symptoms for a virus, which has the ability to phase-shift….just like HIV.



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