Chinese Unemployment reported at 20% before the report was wiped from the internet

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Mainland brokerages recently released report shows that mainland unemployment population reached 7,000 million, and the unemployment rate should be 20%, the data is much higher than the CCP official published data.

According to the port media 4 months 27 daily guide, the report is in Tai Securities chief economist Lee Thunder team on Saturday published. Currently, the report has been removed from the online deleted.

The report concluded that the CCP released the Chinese unemployment rate and economic situation of apparent divergence. The United States, the Euro area unemployment rate and the economic cycle has a significant negative correlation, while in China the two sets of unemployment indicators and economic cycles, the correlation is not high. China 3 Mar city town survey the unemployment rate fell to 5. 9%, with the end of last year compared to only rise 0. 7%, with other economic indicators fell sharply not too match.

The report said, the mainland of the two sets of unemployment statistics need substantial improvements. Registered urban unemployment rate only in government registration and comply with the unemployment conditions of the personnel statistics for the unemployed, there is a significant leakage calculation. And towns survey unemployment rate and not a true reflection of migrant workers to the unemployment problem, resulting in the depiction of the unemployment situation, there are obvious defects. For example, a quarterly survey unemployment rate rising amplitude is very small, but Chinese migrant workers go out work the number of year-on-year decrease of more than 5000 million. In the bad economic situation of the time, migrant workers due to inability to find city jobs and were forced to return to the countryside when farmers, which in fact also belongs to the unemployed.


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