SB 276 PASSED. Doctors in California can no longer provide medical vaccine exemptions for kids.

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by orangearbuds

If you want an exemption you have to give your private health information the state, and then a board of pharma-bought bureaucrats who have never seen or examined you will see if your health conditions are on their tiny list of approved reasons not to vaccinate, and you will likely be denied.

California already has one of the best vaccination rates, and the kids who do have medical exemptions make up a minority of “unvaccinated” kids. Most “unvaccinated” kids in California schools are simply a bit behind because their parents can’t afford doctor visits. There’s no practical reason for this bill.

This bill was passed to see if people and physicians would put up with it. More states will likely follow.

When kids’ medical exemptions are denied, and some of those kids start dying after vaccines, who is going to be liable?




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