SBA RECOVERY- RUNNING SCAM – No money for Small businesses

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The SBA Small Business SCAM Happening – NO money for small businesses.
A woman taped a call to SBA to find out about her small business application for the SBA Recovery money. AT 8 min mark the SBA guy started telling her what is going on – The SBA is SCAMMING the money that is meant for the people. It really starts around the 10 min mark, the guy on the phone for SBA is at his breaking point and tells her a HUGE Scam has happened.

The heads of the sba ran a scam where they moved the loan application database over to a private contractor. They created 100k fake companies costing them 2.5 million. Each company goes online fills out the app for the relief loan then zeros out the rest of the app for an automatic denial. All 100k applications go into the private database with the rest of the real companies’ applications. Since the database is private it is protected from foia. Since sba management controls the database they move all 100k fake denials to the top of the list, and 72 hours later all 1 billion is siphoned off.

Thousands of small business owners across the us were counting on the grant money from these denied loans but all 1 billion is gone and the people working at the sba call centers who are being flooded with calls from real business owners can’t even access the private database to update them on the status of their grant or even what order their loan application was received or denied.

During the call the sba employee mentioned what senator is head the SBA and most likely pulled off this scam which required months of prior planning. Let me save you the time in looking it up – Chuck Schumer




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