Food supply chains starting to crack under Covid-19. Please report disruptions across the USA. Updated daily

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Plenty of welcomed banter and chats ongoing in this thread already. I will do my best to update info in the OP daily starting later today. Please list the city or state your experiencing disruptions to give a general idea of whats happening across the nation. Internation members and AC please fill free to add as well if you have anything to contribute. Related news articles and links are greatly welcomed as well.

Supply chains starting to crack. I work for a major food processing plant in the midwest. Someone I work with has family that works at the factory who supplies all of our plastic products. This particular factory supplies our company with 30,000 cups and lids of all sizes every few days. Apparently that plant is shutting down for 28 days. This will disrupt our ability to distribute our food products at the plant I work at. As of now we will be down the next 3 days for fog disinfecting the entire plant for a 2nd week in a row. With this disruption we are expecting an additional week to two weeks of no production which will significantly impact walmarts and grocery stores across the region.

This is the real deal folks. Food manufacturing in the midwest are now seeing disruptions. You know what will follow. Will keep this thread updated.


h/t Whispering~Vanity


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