SCALP: COVID Investigator Funded By Chinese Communist Party Removed From WHO Team Following National Pulse Exposé.

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Marion Koopmans – who served on the World Health Organization’s first COVID-19 origins investigation team – appears to have been removed from the body’s new “effort” to trace the source of the virus following the National Pulse revealing her long-standing ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Koopmans appears to have suffered a similar fate to fellow World Health Organization (WHO) Peter Daszak – an American researcher whose Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborations were funded by Anthony Fauci.
In the initial October announcement of the WHO’s newfound Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens (SAGO), Koopmans was listed as one of 28 members. SAGO’s updated member list, however, fails to include Koopmans as a contributor to the effort to allegedly uncover the origins of COVID-19.
Dr. Hume Field, a Science & Policy Advisor to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, lamented what appears to be Koopmans’s removal from the committee on Twitter.

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