Scapegoats as Sky High Food Prices Reset the Global Economy

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•Himalayan roads and valleys blocked, tourists rescued for third time in last five months
•Early sea ice blockades northern Canadian ports supplies airlifted into communities
•Alaska warms during grand solar minimums
•Record snow India, Morocco and Canada 2018
•Mongolia record cold and snow third year in a row
•Delays in planting winter wheat in USA and Canada, China and Mongolia
•Growing seasons are going to become shorter and already have
•Moldy crops and Ergot poisoning in the Witch trials
•Valentina Zharkova’s solar models indicate a giant uptick in climate extreme events 2019-2021
•Prolonged super-freeze in Europe to wipe out Spanish agriculture
•All-time record electrical demand as record temperatures begin
•Bank pull outs begin as people prepare for the Grand Solar Minimum
•New Green Deal financing needed
•Twelve more years to save the planet
•NOAA data fraud
•Japan leads the world in developing smart contracts and blockchain
•China unveils new Digital Yuan

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