Schools Closing Due To Widespread Flu

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Ever see this before?
I’m visiting Knoxville and saw on the news they’re closing schools due to the flu.
Seemed odd, did a search and it is happening.
Happening a bit around the country too.
Schools in at least 12 states close to fight against the flu
More Schools Closing Due To Flu
ELLIS COUNTY, Texas (CBS11) – Stafford and Italy ISD schools will be closed Thursday, February 1 and Friday, February 2 while cleaning crews decontaminate the schools for a high number of faculty and students who are out sick with the flu.
Michigan school closed for two days after widespread flu
Those are just a few out of many cases around the country
Southeast Michigan School and Business Closings


2 thoughts on “Schools Closing Due To Widespread Flu

  1. I read that this was an ADENO-VIRUS!!! (which is NOT naturally occurring…)
    Another excuse for the Big Pharma toxic vaccine injectors to have in chemically-altering your DNA whilst forcing you to become s ‘Delta’ as per the England Hypothesis!
    All together now; can you say ‘NEUROCIDE’????
    Of course you can!…I knew you could!

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