Scientists Finally Admit Humans Have Neurological Link to Earth’s Magnetic Field & Our Brains Contain Mini Crystals

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“New experimental evidence published today in the science journal eNeuro suggests the human brain is capable of responding to the Earth’s magnetic field, though at an unconscious level. It’s not clear if our apparent ability to sense the magnetic field is in any way useful, as it’s likely a vestigial trait left over from our more primitive past. Giving the new finding, however, researchers should investigate further to determine if magnetoreception is somehow contributing to our behavior or abilities, such as spatial orientation.”

‘Magnetoreception’ is the new human superpower we’ve always had

Scientists have new evidence of an ancient sense of geomagnetism that we know little about.

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“Provocative” Research: Some People Can Sense Magnetic Fields
Some of your brain cells might contain tiny, magnetic crystals.”

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