Scientists Find 1.2-Billion-Year-Old Impact Crater Off Coast of Scotland

dated from june

A 3,300-foot- (1 km) wide asteroid struck our planet 1.2 billion years ago, according to new research published in the Journal of the Geological Society.

In 2008, a team of researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Aberdeen found evidence for the ancient meteorite strike near Ullapool, Scotland.

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The thickness and extent of the debris deposit the scientists found suggested the impact crater was close to the coast, but its precise location remained a mystery.

Now University of Oxford’s Dr. Ken Amor and colleagues have identified the crater location 9.3-12.3 miles (15-20 km) west of a remote part of the Scottish coastline.

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“The material excavated during a giant meteorite impact is rarely preserved on Earth, because it is rapidly eroded, so this is a really exciting discovery,” Dr. Amor said.

“It was purely by chance this one landed in an ancient rift valley where fresh sediment quickly covered the debris to preserve it.”…07271.html