SCOTT ADAMS: The most powerful form of persuasion is fear. Democrats are simultaneously proposing eliminating the police while other Democrats are beating people to death on video.

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Why is there a major push to “defund police”. Do people not see how idiotic that is? Did these mayors ask any tax payers to vote on the matter? Defund police but keep the taxes the same for citizens and just pocket all the extra tax money while communities destroy themselves? holy moly….

It’s an incredibly stupid idea. Reform the police education system is a far better solution.

Its a Globalist Plan abolish Police

Dismantling police force in liberal cities is what globalists desire. There’s a reason why 3rd world Countries will be stuck in the 3rd world forever. The elites grow their fortunes by exploiting these people. I am surprised to see many people in favor of this.

They will dismantle police forces across America & later other Countries will follow.. and a lot of cops are quitting now. Nobody wants to work everyday and get treated like sub-human filth, especially for the measly paychecks that cops get.

If the cities turn on themselves, that’s on them, nobody will be around to help. Business owners will move elsewhere, they wont want to deal with the constant looting.

Families will move elsewhere too, they don’t have time to constantly worry about the safety of themselves or their families.

Basically the liberal cities will become 3rd world cities, unless there are massive bailouts (which the mayors will beg for but hopefully won’t get).

Anyone that is left there will be the poorest of the poor, crackheads, criminals, no jobs available and no future there. They will be inhabitable zones



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