“Scottish Independence” is Not a Noble Cause, It’s Anti-English Racism

by Mark Angelides

To suggest that a sovereign nation should be free to determine its own future was the rallying cry of the Brexiteers, the thought (and fact) of a country’s destiny being decided by outsiders who have no care nor affinity for it was enough to tip the balance and win the EU referendum for the Leave camp. But the calls for independence from Scotland are not this, and as much as the media and the SNP (Scots National Party) would like to conflate the two, the parallels just don’t exist. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, does not want a free, independent Scotland, she just wants to be away from the English whom she detests.
In 2014, Scotland went to the polls to vote on whether or not to remain part of the United Kingdom, the result was 55.3% to remain. Since the Brexit vote, Sturgeon’s government in the Scottish Parliament has renewed calls for another referendum, saying that Scotland wants to be part of the European Union. To suggest that joining the EU is independence is a willful lie. The EU’s stated aims are to deconstruct nation states and have pooled sovereignty. How is this independence?
Not that the EU is actually considering taking Scotland on as a member state. Both Belgium and Spain have stated that they would veto Scotland’s joining, and other countries like Germany have said that there would be a lot of conditions to membership that Scotland couldn’t actually perform. Also, to join the EU, a country must fulfill the Euro Convergence Criteria, which is a debt to GDP ratio, and in this Scotland fails massively.
So with the unlikelihood of Scotland being able to join the EU, and the idea of being a “free nation within the EU” is nonsense, what’s actually behind the calls by the SNP for another Independence Referendum? The SNP hate the English and will take whatever hardships lay ahead to break ties with them.
Siol nan Gaidheal, or “Seed of the Gaels,” are an Ultra-Nationalist political organization that says:
“Siol nan Gaidheal seeks to liberate the Scottish people from the worst excesses of English/British Cultural Imperialism and believes that English people resident in Scotland will integrate into and make a full contribution to the community of Scotland. SnG will dedicate itself to fulfilling our commitments to our country and people, we will thus not stand idly by and watch our country being used, abused or betrayed by enemies both internal and external. We are content to leave party political action to the Scottish National Party and the forth-coming Scottish Parliament.”
Seed of Gaels membership has been forbidden by the SNP, and they openly talk down their particular brand of hatred, but there is evidence to show that the Seed of Gaels is actually working hand in hand with SNP. (And clearly by their own words, the SnG fully support the SNP).
During the 2014 Independence Referendum, the SnG provided both stewardship and first aid stations during the SNP’s “Yes, Independence” rallies. And the Yes campaign shared news and information about SnG events. A parallel would be Donald Trump denying KKK links whilst having security guards in white conical hoods at his rallies and then Tweeting about the time for the next Klan meet-up.
If Scotland left the United Kingdom and joined the EU, where would the independence be? If the SNP are really not anti-English, why engage with anti-English groups? There is a long history of mutual benefit between Scotland and England, there are family ties, business ties and a shared culture and history. It would be a shame to let the SNP’s radicals tear that apart.

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7 thoughts on ““Scottish Independence” is Not a Noble Cause, It’s Anti-English Racism”

  1. Bully for them. The Scots are the Scots. And it’s time we cherished our respective DNA – and rediscovered the truth of Hamilton’s Rule.
    We identify with, defend and protect … THOSE WHO LOOK AND ACT LIKE US.
    It’s simple hard wiring. You do not erase thousands and thousands of years of selective breeding for traits that insure the survival of the group… by forced migration, integration, and global trade.
    Yes, those multi cultural efforts can reduce the likelihood of conflicts… but forced integration, forced migration and forced out sourcing to achieve lofty academic goals, create a primal backlash.
    It’s time for an honest conversation on why multi culturalism and forced migration are the enemy of nations in this environment. It’s not just greedy corporations. It’s academic think tanks … who know the wrong people are breeding us into a downward spiral of anti intellectualism….
    Yes, you heard right. The human genome project is proving definitively… that all those children we saved?…are causing the mean IQ of the planet to plummet.
    All those vaccines administered…. all that penicillin and malaria medication?
    And Armageddon is at hand, absent genocide or the petri dish of Sweden where females are being raped and seduced by migrating hordes of LOW IQ breeding stock…. to save the planet of course.

    • I’ve no dog in this particular hunt… but you can’t make a case for the Scotts and the English being a different “Race.”
      Those “thousands of years of selective breeding” have produced no discernible differences between the the IQs of the Scotts and those of the English.
      You can’t even make a good case for much of a cultural difference between the two. If you wish to say you hate the English for their hundreds of years of oppression, that is understandable.
      I would agree with you on your [apparent] point regarding the Swedes et al and the Muslims. That’s going to end in tears, blood, Murder Most Foul and the forced repatriation of the invading swarms admitted by Ms. Merkel and the unelected “elite” in Brussels. The point of which is to “deconstruct” Western Civilization.
      Why European men would stand and watch even the stupid liberal women who voted for that crap be raped is disconcerting… but then I’m a rude colonial who’s forebears were undoubtedly criminals LOL

  2. Scotland already has a great deal of autonomy today. I really think it is ridiculous for the Scots to leave the UK and still want to be in Brexit, which is the most stifling organization in Europe. They would have an easier time under a Brexited UK. The SNP is wacky socialist and would piss away any resources and capital that Scotland makes due to oil. As far as the party with the Gaelic name, never heard of them. At this time the Scots should sit tight until Britain as a whole has settled its EU status. Then if they want to make a move, it’s their choice – a stupid one if they follow the vision of the current SNP.

  3. The English are probably the ugliest people in the white world. But anyway, the TV franchise Got Talent should be enough reason for divergence. The Scots will forever be in the shadows of England if they don’t secede. Heck, non English speakers probably think a Scot is an alcoholic beverage.


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