Businesses Think They Can Dictate to National Government on Immigration Measures

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by Mark Angelides

In yet another sign of impending Statism/Corporatism, businesses are appealing to national governments to relax immigration rules in an effort to increase their profits. Corporations don’t have children who need a school place, they don’t have elderly relatives waiting for a hospital bed; they don’t live in communities that are slowly being segregated and destroyed. They are concerned with profits, and as such care not for the adverse effects of mass immigration.
Prêt a Manger is a designer sandwich shop that is a worldwide chain that made £676 million in 2015, and profits were up 14.5% to £84 million. This is a fast expanding company with branches in the UK, China, Hong Kong and all over. But are they happy? Apparently not.
According to Pret’s HR manager, they are saying that they will find it difficult to fill jobs after Brexit, so they would like a loosening of laws to allow more migrant workers. At present, only 1 in 50 applicants at UK branches are actually from Britain. And that 65% of their workforce are EU nationals.
So why are Brits not applying for these “amazing” jobs? Could it be that even in the UK’s uber-expensive capital, London, workers can earn £8.50 an hour (about $10)? Could it be that they don’t even earn this pitiful wage until they have completed 12 weeks of training in how to make a sandwich?
According to spokespeople in both business and government, it is largely because of  the “British Attitude” to work, and that 18 year-olds don’t “consider it a success” to be working at a sandwich shop. So not the £8.50 an hour then?
This disgraceful attitude to British workers fails to reflect reality. Pret a Manger want the cheapest possible workers with the lowest possible expectations. To live in London in a small single bed apartment is around £650-£750 per month (not a great area) which the wage offered would take 50% of which to pay. Pret want workers that live 3 or 4 to an apartment who have no investment in their community. The workers cannot afford to become a proper part of their communities, these are transient job. No families, no marriage, no new apartment with the partner…work, work, leave, hire, work, work, leave, hire ad infinitum. The companies don’t care about the communities; they just want an unending supply of cheap, replaceable labor.

And this is not just happening in the UK. The US government is also facing pressure from companies to allow almost unrestricted immigration in an effort to keep their work mills going with cheap, replaceable labor. Part of this drive is actually the minimum wage debate; but it will also become the maximum wage on which corporations can just replace any workers who want more. If companies want to keep and hire workers, then they need to offer wages that allow the worker to gain a stake in their community. They need to begin respecting the cohesion of towns and cities. They need to start understanding that people want to build families and having an investment in the future.
But they won’t. Because it’s easier to petition government for more cheap workers.

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3 thoughts on “Businesses Think They Can Dictate to National Government on Immigration Measures

  1. It is past time these mega-corporations PAY for the wars from which they profit and which protect them. Either PAY for the wars, or we put your Boards of Directors in the Front Lines to BLEED with us working stiffs. You want to move your corporation, OUR JOBS, to another country to dodge taxes here? So WE have to pay for your wars? Over YOUR DEAD BODIES.

  2. Thank “capitalism”…. Instead of having babies/families White Christians were “diverted” into working their lives away to PRODUCE in the name of Capitalism ……. People worked to serve the “machine” instead of the Machine serving Christ.
    Talk about BAD STEWARDS ….. the 1% has utterly failed Christ and HIS People. Their businesses should have been the basis for providing life’s necessities for the Community of Christ. Instead they are providing a petrie dish for growing the disease of barbarism from paganism at home to invading ISLAM. Without a Christian base and Western philosophy the laws that allow these corporations would never have been written.
    Yes, communism/socialism are worse, but not by much. Christians should have been raising Children, not the bank accounts of the 1%.
    Instead of working to create a strong, healthy, growing, society, the Rich “Harvested the corners of the fields” and gathered every grain into THEIR castles and cared not for the Culture and Religion that made their very existence possible.
    Time for the 1% and Corporations to contribute PROPORTIONATELY to the National Defense.
    Those who have massive material goods must contribute proportionately to protecting them.
    If the 1% were paying proportionately they would become concerned about waste, fraud & THEFT in the Pentagon.
    The Workers give their LIVES maimed and killed.
    The Workers Pay high taxes for ONE house with a MORTGAGE.
    The !% and Corporations have multiple houses, pay ever decreasing taxes and enjoy the FAT of the land.
    And no more TAX DODGING “trusts”, “endowments” and “foundations” where they still CONTROL their money, they just don’t PAY TAXES. Spend the money in 5 years or it goes to the National Debt.
    “Merchants have no country,” wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1814. “The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” The former president was ruing the way New England traders and shipowners, fearing the loss of lucrative transatlantic commerce, failed to rally to their country in the War of 1812.
    Since pseudo-conservatives/neocons , are so enamored of the words of our forefathers would someone please dig out the old Sermons preached in American churches about the FOUL MERCANTILISTS whose ONLY loyalty is to money. Neither Nation nor Church holds the devotion of these squalid creatures, but only the source of their next dollar.

  3. Start deporting Illegals right the heck NOW. They walked over here, and they can walk right back. And the children born here are America Citizens but also they are MEXICAN CITIZENS AUTOMATICLY. Do your research and you will find this is true. The children are their parents responsibility, not the tax payers or the the United States responsibility. When they turn 18 then they can make their choice what nationality they want !!!

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