SEAN HANNITY Stands Up For His Rights With CBS And Ted Koppel Interview!

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by Pamela Williams
Mainstream Media has truly declared war on those of us who do not watch and agree with them.  Sean Hannity of FOX NEWS was interviewed by Ted Koppel of CBS.  But instead of playing the whole interview straight through, they hacked it up, leaving out essential parts.  They made the interview to express what they wanted it to express.  Hannity has thus asked them to play the unedited version straight through, and he is rightfully angry at their manipulation.
“Why did Ted cut out my many examples of media bias?,” Hannity asked on Twitter. He’s also asking CBS News release the entire 45 minute interview “so people can see the BS games you play in the edit room. I dare you!”
Koppel’s story wasn’t a profile of Hannity, but rather how Hannity’s show, and those like it, exacerbate the divide, which led to a contentious moment:
The way Koppel spoke to him is rude and deceitful.  Here is the transcript:  
Hannity: You think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America.
Koppel: Yeah. Yeah. In the long haul I think you, and all these opinion shows…
Hannity: You do? Really? That’s sad.
Koppel: …because you’re very good at what you do and because you have attracted a significantly more influential…
Hannity: You are selling the American people short.
Koppel: Let me finish the sentence before you do that.
Hannity: I’m listening. With all due respect. Take the floor.
Koppel: You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.
Koppel also talked with White House press secretary Sean Spicer, New York Times editor Dean Baquet, and Norm Ornstein of the AEI, for the story. Here it is:
Mainstream Media is attacking Alternative Media and President Donald Trump.  They are basically saying that our preference for news and how we get our news is wrong unless we get it from them.  They are undermining our freedom and intelligence.  I have to say I am furious, and I will continue to voice and get my news from the source I choose.
Ted Koppel has proven himself, and his arrogance is beyond the pale.  How dare he try to criticize Trump supporters  and our intelligence.  He needs to turn around and look in the mirror!  These arrogant and threatened Mainstream Press people are afraid of their insignificance in the light of Alternative Media.
Thus, all they know to do is to fake it.  Yes, they are fake news, and they have ignited a war with Alternative Media.  I know FOX NEWS is not Alternative Media, but they are not Mainstream Media any longer.  Shows like HANNITY and TUCKER CARLSON are aimed at attracting the Alternative thinkers – those who have a brain and can think for themselves.  They do not like to be spoon-fed every night by the ABC six o’clock evening news.
I remember growing up my famiy watched ABC news every night.  ABC was the place to be, and I enjoyed watching it with my family.  Now I do not watch TV, because the Internet is my news source.  I think that is ok, because I am grown up now and think for myself.  Get over yourselves Mainstream Media…you are not the only show in town!


10 thoughts on “SEAN HANNITY Stands Up For His Rights With CBS And Ted Koppel Interview!

  1. Hannity should have known better. This is what they do every time, all the time. It is the left and the MSM that consider their ideology more important than facts. That’s something else they always do – project the worst of themselves on someone else.
    The solution? Cut them out of the loop completely. Hannity can do interviews with David Horowitz, Gateway Pundit, Brietbart, etc. The MSM are not to be trusted – ever.

      • Spoken like someone whose mind was closed long ago.
        Billy is simply not open to new ideas because the science is settled and there is no more room for or need to discuss anything ever again.
        Billy Boy, you are entitled to your own opinions but no one, including you, are entitled to your own facts.
        I’m tired of wiping intellectual vomit from people like you off my clothes. Stop spewing nonsense, go away and don’t come back until you can articulate a cogent argument.

      • Even if I agree with your general opinion of Fox News, if Hannity says something that is correct I will not disagree with him. Whether you are liberal or conservative, we need to support anyone who attempts to tell the truth to the people. Failure to do so doesn’t make our country better.

    • Rush talked about this today. Rush knew to refuse an interview with Koppel, because he knew they would cut up the interview and make it sound like something it was not. The solution going forward (for all of us) is to secretly record interviews with the enemy. Then we can release the real thing. It will vindicate us and embarrass (hopefully ruin) the enemy.

  2. Ted Koppel has been and always will be a pompous liberal elitist. It is people like him who have progressively eroded the fabric of this once great nation.

  3. CBS Sunday Morning has been a great show for many decades, but has recently found itself the victim of CIA/Deep State propaganda. My wife and I watch this show every week, and she is mad that I get upset with the bias from their (fake) news reports. Unfortunately my wife is just one of many people who blame the entire media establishment, even alternative media, for lying, which has lead her to distrust everyone and everything. I try to explain there is truth out there, and it doesn’t hurt to search for it and draw your own conclusions. I have a feeling there is lot of this going on in American families these days, at least the ones who care enough to talk about it.

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