Seattle voters unhappy with direction of city; guess how they voted to change sheriff’s office!

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by DCG

Earlier I told you how Seattle (King County) voters are unhappy with how the City Council is handling things and the direction of the city. The majority of voters think things in Seattle “have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track.”

So what’s a good way to fix some things in the city? Approve amendments that remove your power to vote for county sheriff and give the bureaucrats the ability to change the sheriff’s duties!

Yeah, makes sense if you are a democrat and want to give government more power.

The two charters approved by King County voters are Charter Amendment No. 5 – Appointed Sheriff (approved 56%) and Charter Amendment No. 6 – Public Safety Department Structure (approved 62%). Charter Amendment No. 5 allows the county executive to appoint the sheriff, with approval from the King County Council.

What’s even more mind-boggling is that Dow Constantine (King County Executive & professional politician since 1997) told voters in September that he wanted to shift millions of dollars earmarked for law enforcement and the traditional criminal justice system into community-based racial justice programs. Read about all of his proposed cuts (he made known in advance) here.

But don’t worry residents of King County! Executive Constantine claims these amendments will “boost accountability.”

He also said this of the approved changes: “It’s going to involve police, yes, but also behavioral health professionals, human service professionals, the kinds of help that may be needed in order to defuse conflicts and prevent tragedies from happening.”

Seattle has become a sh*thole of a city: Increased homelessness, open drug use on the streets, repeat offenders held unaccountable for crimes, increased police response times (if they even make it to your home), etc.

I don’t want to hear of some survey where King County/Seattle residents complain about the conditions of their city. SEATTLEITES DESERVE ALL THAT COMES THEIR WAY.



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