SEC Alert! Under the proposed rules, any market participant that engages in activities as described in the rules would be a “dealer” or “government securities dealer” and become members of a self-regulatory organization (SRO), and comply with federal securities laws and regulatory obligations.

by Dismal-Jellyfish

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Specifically, today’s release proposes further defining a dealer and government securities dealer as one that engages “in a routine pattern of buying and selling securities that has the effect of providing liquidity to other market participants” by, for example:

  • Routinely making roughly comparable purchases and sales of the same or substantially similar securities in a day; or *
  • Routinely expressing trading interests that are at or near the best available prices on both sides of the market and that are communicated and represented in a way that makes them accessible to other market participants; or
  • Earning revenue primarily from capturing bid-ask spreads, by buying at the bid and selling at the offer, or from capturing any incentives offered by trading venues to liquidity-supplying trading interests.”

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